7 Benefits Of Getting An Annual Kid's Eye Exam

As adults, good eyesight is a must. It's impossible to perform well at work, drive safely, or read important documents if our eyesight isn't up-to-par. For these reasons, most adults take the necessary steps to maintain good eye health.

But for kids, it can be more difficult to evaluate eyesight. Kids aren't as expressive about medical complaints and, frankly, they may not even realize they have bad eyesight.

The only way to determine whether a child's eyesight is normal is to get them in for an eye exam. This will give the eye doctor the chance to look more closely at your child's eyes - and evaluate them not only for vision concerns, but for general health issues.

Read on to learn 7 benefits of getting an annual kid's eye exam.

1. To Do Well in School, Kids Need Good Eyesight

This is the top reason for a kid's eye exam! To read, write, view computer monitors and see the chalkboards (which are often 10-20 feet away,) your child needs good eyesight!

If your child isn't able to see well at school, he or she will not progress at the same rate as other children. And these sight issues are nearly always fixable with a simple prescription for glasses or contacts.

An eye exam can ensure that your child is able to see near and far, so he or she will excel in the classroom.

2: Eyesight Is an Indicator of Overall Health

Just as a child's tummy hurts when he or she has the stomach flu, the eyes can also give telltale signs when something is wrong.

For example, a gray ring around the cornea can indicate cholesterol or triglyceride concerns, whereas cataracts in children may indicate the presence of diabetes.

Vision changes may also be the result of health issues like diabetes or thyroid imbalances. During a kid's eye exam, the doctor will evaluate your child's eyesight for health concerns such as these.

3. Poor Eyesight May Cause Hyperactivity, Headaches, etc.

If you fear that your child is showing signs of ADD or ADHD (particularly in school,) consider that he or she may not be able to see properly. Think about it: if you were to read a book and the words appear blurry, you'd lose interest quickly, too.

Same with headaches: if your child is squinting or struggling to read, headaches may result. So if your child is complaining of nagging headaches, consider the benefit to a kid's eye exam. Your child may just need a pair of glasses to correct his or her vision.

Dealing with issues like ADHD or chronic headaches can be very time-consuming and expensive. To ensure that vision issues aren't the cause of these issues, start with an eye doctor.

4. Teach Kids Early About Healthy Practices

It may seem silly to take a youngster to the eye doctor, but teaching kids about the importance of eye health (and health in general) is important at such a young age.

During a kid's eye exam, the doctor will spend ample time talking to your child about how the eye actually works, and why it's important for the doctor to look deep inside the eye for any health issues. These lessons will stick with your child for a lifetime.

And who knows? This may even instill in your child the desire to be an eye doctor when he or she grows up!

5. Many Eye Issues May Be Fixed Early

Certain conditions, like lazy eyes or crossed eyes, may be corrected if caught early. The most common way to fix such issues is with an eye patch. And believe us, it's much easier to make a kid wear an eye patch at age 2 than when they're 14!

Additionally, waiting too long to correct certain eye issues may mean that the problem actually gets worse. This can mean more time and money to correct the issue later in life. An estimated 4 percent of Americans have crossed eyes. In many instances, issues like these can be fixed early.

For this reason, it's important that you get your child into their first kid's eye exam in their toddler years - or earlier, if you're worried about something specific.

6. Is It Allergies or Something More?

Often, young children complain of red, itchy eyes. By having regular eye exams, parents can describe these symptoms to the doctor and better understand the underlying causes.

For example, many kids suffer from simple seasonal allergies. But if over-the-counter allergy treatments aren't working, there may be other concerns to consider like pinkeye or trauma to the eye (occurring on the playground, for example.)

An eye doctor has seen a wide range of eye complaints - including benign issues like pinkeye, to more serious issues like tumours or forms of cancer. A kid's eye exam is the best way to ensure that a serious problem is addressed quickly.

7. A Kid's Eye Exam Visits Is FUN!

An eye doctor is way better than the dentist, trust us! No pesky needles or shots here. Instead, kids get to sit in front of cool mirrors and machines and see their own eyes reflected back at them.

They also get to look at pictures and tell the doctors what kinds of things they're seeing. Some eye tests resemble picture books or video games, so this is an appointment that kids can look forward to!

The only discomfort of a kid's eye exam is during the "air puff test" - but it's done in a microsecond!

Get Your Kids in for an Exam Today

It's never to early to make an appointment for a kid's eye exam. Whether you're concerned about your child's performance in school, or behavioural problems like ADHD, now is a great time to have an eye doctor take a look to determine if other factors are at play.

Contact us today and let's talk with your child about the importance of his or her vision!