colour blindness, or colour vision deficiency, is a condition which causes a person's eyes to be unable to distinguish between different colours under normal light.

Note: these people are not blind to colour, but they have a reduced ability to detect it

With technology continuing to advance, special eyeglasses have been developed to help correct colour blindness. These specialty eyeglasses are designed with special coatings. They are just like sunglasses, only with an additional feature that can help to enhance certain pigments as needed to correct for colourblindness.

Enchroma is a reputable company known for producing specialty eyeglasses for individuals who have colour vision deficiency. Enchroma uses the latest research on colourblindness and the various irregularities related to photopigments in order to enhance the way people with red or green colourblindness perceive colours.

Enchroma eyeglasses are designed to filter and cut out sharp wavelengths, helping improve vision by enhancing specific colours. Enchroma lenses are not a cure for colourblindness, however. They are simply a tool that can help those who have colour vision deficiency to see the colours they are missing.