Safety Eyewear

Although companies strive to increase workplace safety, there are jobs where accidents are more likely. Job safety can never be compromised, and people who work in a hazardous environment must protect their eyes from any harm with the use of safety eyewear.

Wearing proper protective eyewear and following proper safety protocols is important to ensure employees are prioritizing their personal safety. Safety eyewear is recommended not only in a hazardous environment but also for sports, hobbies, and projects at home.


Regular glasses are only meant for frontal vision and looking forward, while safety glasses protect your eyes from all directions. Safety glasses are specialty eyewear to protect you from the front, top, and sides, and have undergone certain ANSI approval.

Presently, ANSI Z87.1-2003 requires safety goggles and safety glasses to provide sufficient eye protection from the mishaps for which they were intended. Eye protection should be designed to provide a secure fit without blocking your vision. They should be easily disinfected and cleaned, durable, reasonably comfortable, and have the ability to incorporate prescription safety eyewear.


Prescription safety glasses are meant for people who need corrective lenses for work or outdoor activities. Protective glasses come with lenses to both protect the eyes as well as improve clarity. Often times, UV protection is incorporated into these prescription safety glasses to protect the eyes from the effects of the sun.


Over specs are safety glasses that are developed to go over your glasses. They have a basic function to protect the eyes from debris and also the prescription glasses from nicks and scratches.


Statistically, over 700 Canadian workers sustain an eye-related injury every day. A large portion of the eye injuries that happen at work are from airborne particles, debris from metal, wood, or glass, and flying objects. There are also instances of eye damage from fumes, UV light or radiation, and chemical spills.


Similar to the over specs, safety goggles were designed to offer more protection from all directions. Safety goggles are meant for those who need assurance that their eyes are protected from small particles that may fly through the air in their workplace.


Our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, and since we depend on them for most of our daily activities, they need to be protected at all times. This is why it is essential to choose the best safety eyewear available.

If you are planning to get yourself a pair of safety eyewear, it is very important that you follow these tips to help select the one with the best possible protection.

1. Comfortable and Firm

Having a good pair of safety eyewear is one thing, having one that is good and properly fit when worn is another. If the glasses do not properly fit on your face, they can easily get knocked off, which may result in damage to either your eyes or the glasses. Ensure the goggles or glasses are secure and comfortable.

Remember that one size is not appropriate for everybody's eyes. That is why safety goggles are designed in many different shapes and sizes. Thus, before you buy, make sure the glasses properly fit your face. You can test for a proper fit by tilting and shaking your head from up to down and sideways while wearing the glasses. If they slip, you can get a strap, or adjust them to help prevent movement.

2. Scratch Resistance

Safety glasses are made of resin polycarbonate, shatterproof glass, or plastic that is strong enough to shield the eyes from various dangers and injuries. The impact-resistant and lightweight lenses of safety glasses are available in both prescription and non-prescription forms.

Glass lenses can be heavy, making them uncomfortable, however, they don't scratch as easily. Plastic lenses are lighter than glass but are prone to scratches.

Nobody wants their glasses being dented and scratched easily by every object that they come into contact with. You should take note of how resistant the eyewear is before purchasing it.

3. Check The Security Standards

There are a lot of safety glasses and goggles that are marketed as being protective, yet they may not be tested or approved for eye protection. Look for safety glasses that have been ANSI Z87.1 approved.

While accidents cannot be predicted, injuries can easily be prevented, and the amount of damage to the eyes in the event of an accident is drastically reduced with safety eyewear. It only takes one instance of debris flying into your eyes to cause loss of vision. Make eye care a priority and get safety glasses today!