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Do Contact Lenses Expire?

Many people choose contact lenses over glasses when they need vision correction. These lenses can help you see clearly without needing frames, but they require more maintenance. Because contact lenses rest on your eyes, do they have an expiration date?  Continue reading to learn more about contact lenses, including if they can expire and how […]

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Are Floaters in the Eye Dangerous

Eye floaters are a normal part of ageing, but can they be dangerous? Understanding why eye floaters occur can help you know whether or not you should visit your optometrist for an emergency.  Continue reading to learn more about eye floaters, including what they are, how they develop, and if they’re dangerous.  What Are Eye […]

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What Is an OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) Test?

Not Just A Pretty Picture An Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) test may sound like a mouthful, but the procedure itself is a little more straightforward. An OCT is a non-invasive test that allows your optometrist to take cross-section pictures of your retina using light waves.  An OCT employs a laser (with no radiation) to obtain […]

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How Do Optometrists Test for Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in Canada, and you may not even notice anything is wrong until vision loss occurs. If you have undiagnosed glaucoma, how do you identify this disease before your vision is affected?  A series of tests used during a comprehensive eye exam can detect any eye problems. […]

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COVID 19 and Eye Emergencies

At Calgary Family Eye Doctors we are hoping you and your family are staying safe during these unprecedented times.  If you are on our email list you will already know that we are seeing eye emergencies only, at the moment.  We are currently not providing routine eye exams.  We are dispensing glasses and contact lenses […]

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Options for elective corrective eye surgery

Have you ever thought about getting elective eye surgery to correct your vision? Many people decide to have corrective surgery to eliminate the need for glasses or contacts. The most well-known type of surgery is laser eye surgery. There are also non-laser surgery options, such as implantable lenses (or ICLs). Types of corrective laser surgery: […]

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10 things to remember when wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses are a popular option for vision correction; many people prefer them to glasses. Contact lenses do have several benefits, such as being able to wear non-prescription sunglasses and having better peripheral vision. However, contact lenses are a medical device that sit on your eye (they sit on a layer of tear fluid on […]

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May is Vision Health Month

May is Vision Health Month! Throughout the month, eye care professionals in Canada and around the world will work to raise awareness about eye health. Good eye health is important for everyone, regardless of age. In fact, we recommend that children go for their first comprehensive eye health exam at six months of age, and […]

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