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What Causes High Eye Pressure & How to Reduce It

Many people have heard about how blood pressure connects to heart health. This is similar to the way that eye pressure correlates to eye health. For example, high eye pressure increases an individual’s risk of developing conditions like glaucoma. Fluid buildup, eye trauma, medications, and other eye conditions are all potential causes of an increase […]

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What Does Retinal Imaging Show?

Early detection of vision issues is key in protecting the health of your eyes. Comprehensive eye exams, like digital retinal imaging, are quick, painless, and effective ways for eye doctors to view inside the eyes and record any changes that might point to vision or other health issues.  Early eye disease detection makes it possible […]

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Can an Optometrist Tell if You Have Diabetes?

Dealing with diabetes can be difficult and might leave you feeling overwhelmed. Early diagnosis and proper treatment can give you the power to manage your diabetes with confidence. There are many ways to diagnose diabetes early, including through regular eye exams.  Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in Canada, so regular eye exams and […]

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Are Phone Screens Bad for Your Eyes?

Can Phone Screens Damage Sight? Phones have come a long way. From simple communication devices to handheld computers, our phones perform crucial roles in our everyday lives.  We spend a lot of time staring at our phones, but can phone screens damage our sight? There’s a lot of talk about how our digital world changes […]

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What Can Cause Red Eyes in a Child?

It’s common to experience redness when the eyes become irritated or another condition affects them. If your child has red eyes, what conditions cause this redness?  Continue reading to learn more about red eyes, including what causes them and some potential eye conditions common in children.  Why Do Eyes Turn Red or Bloodshot?  Red eyes […]

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Why Does My Eye Hurt When I Blink?

Many factors can cause pain when you blink. In some cases, the pain will regulate itself, and at other times, the pain can indicate something more severe. How do you know when to contact your optometrist?  At Calgary Family Eye Doctors, we want our patients to experience worry-free, clear, and healthy vision. We’ve put together […]

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Do Contact Lenses Expire?

Many people choose contact lenses over glasses when they need vision correction. These lenses can help you see clearly without needing frames, but they require more maintenance. Because contact lenses rest on your eyes, do they have an expiration date?  Continue reading to learn more about contact lenses, including if they can expire and how […]

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